Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp Review


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This high end runner’s headlamp separates itself from the pack with its rechargeable battery pack that limits purchasing and wasting batteries and a fully waterproof headlamp and strap that is immersible for up to ninety minutes. The light that emits from the headlamp has a full, maximum setting of 75 lumens and also has a dimmer switch as well as a strobe setting; a perfect headlamp that won’t let you down on long trips of running, hiking, or any dimly lit night activity.User’s have exalted the comfortability, light weight and battery life of this headlamp.


  • The battery can last for six hours on the most powerful light setting and takes only five hours to fully recharge.
  • A red reflective light in the back protects against oncoming vehicles.
  • Powerful LED light that can sufficiently light a bright path directly in front of you and can dim to whatever brightness you desire.
  • Most headlamps have a single horizontal strap similar to a regular sweatband but the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp has an added perpendicular strap that adds comfort and lessons the workload on the head and doesn’t bounce around as much as other headlamps.


  • The rechargeable battery is a matter of preference for some runners. The ability to recharge the battery will save you money in the long run but can leave you high and dry and vulnerable in the wilderness if it runs out of charge.
  • More expensive than other headlamps on the market. This headlamp is undeniably higher quality than others but costs upwards of three times as much.
  • Some users have complained about the durability of the charger for the battery.

Summary/Solution to Cons

The only complaints associated with this headlamp for runners are the rechargeable battery and the price when compared to others runner’s headlamps. The rechargeable battery, for the most part, has been widely complimented and should function for about six hours on a single charge. If you plan on going on an extended camping trip without the use of a power outlet, a battery operated headlamp might be a better option. As for the price, this headlamp usually runs around $50 which can be two or three times more expensive than other options but the quality and comfort of this product should justify the price discrepancy.

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