Camping Headlamp Reviews – Best Headlamps for Camping in 2016

Headlamps one of the best accessories for running or leisurely strolls at night; they are a must have when it comes to camping. Sure, you can build a campfire or bring a gas lantern to illuminate your campsite but if you want to explore deeper into the wilderness or go for a hike after sunset, a reliable headlamp is a must. Here are five tried and true headlamps for your next excursion.

Extreme Bright LED Camping Headlight


Our Top Pick: This headlamp by Xtreme is made and marketed toward camping and hiking. The highly powerful LED headlight has three distinct modes including a blue light for foggy conditions. The other two modes are 100 percent and 50 percent power for the LED light. The blue light feature is ideal for detecting blood in animals for hunting and finding fish at night. View prices and more details here…

Vitchelo V800 LED Headlamp

Also Great: An incredibly bright and popular headlamp for runners and campers, it comes with two different LED lights – red and white. This powerful light can illuminate a path up to 110 meters making any path easy to navigate at night. Comes with three AAA batteries with a lifespan of 120 hours. View prices and more details here…


Shining Buddy LED Headlamp


Also Great: Very lightweight and comfortable, this headlamp is perfect for camping and running but also great for kids riding their bikes or walking at night as one of the settings has a flashing red light, alerting oncoming cars to their whereabouts. The four settings for this product are high beam, low, red, and a flashing setting for the red LED light. View prices and more details here…


Northbound Train Ultra-Bright LED Headlamp

Also Great: Comes with a waterproof hard case to safely carry the headlamp in your suitcase and belongings when traveling. Also comes with a dimmer switch so it can be used inside the tent for locating objects or reading. Another feature includes a hinge that keeps the light locked in one place, making it easy to read. View prices and more details here…


GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp

Also Great: This multifaceted headlamp can be used as a waist or desk lamp as well as being used as a headlamp for running or hiking. It’s rechargeable batteries can be charged using a wall or car charger as well making it incredibly useful while camping. The brightness level also reaches 1800 lumens. View prices and more details here…

Great Camping Destinations If You Live In California Like Me

If you live in California or are planning a trip to the Golden State, we recommend checking out these three cool and popular camping sites.

Yosemite National Park: Arguably the most famous National Park in the United States, Yosemite has 13 sites within the park and each is more beautiful than the next. You’ll be able to sleep out under the stars with plenty of tent camping sites or you can drive your RV to a number of RV sites. There are also plenty of professionally guided hikes throughout the park.

Redwood National Park: My personal favorite spot up in Northern California is home to the tallest tree species in the world. A massive camping ground, you can get wander around and explore this site for days and never get bored of these behemoth trees.

Joshua Tree National Park: Further south in California is the famous Joshua Tree National Park. Flatter and drier than the two other parks recommended here, Joshua tree has beautiful rock formations and plenty of spots to watch the stars once the sun sets.

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