Energizer Pro 7 LED Headlamp

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This easy to use runner’s headlamp by Energizer is a top seller on Amazon simply because of the affordable price and the reliability that comes with it. A decent quality product made by a well known battery manufacturer has a water resistant headband and a light with four different modes.

The headlamp can also pivot to shine the powerful light in any direction you so choose. This product comes with the batteries you will need to operate it and is ready to go right out of the package. As far as runner’s headlamps go, you can’t go wrong with this fairly cheap and durable good.


  • There really is not a good reason to spend more than twenty dollars on a reliable headlamp and the Energizer Pro 7 is typically priced under that $20 mark.
  • Many users have gushed about the first light setting which is a red LED light. This setting is perfect to alert traffic of where you are as well as not blinding you when a powerful light isn’t necessary.
  • It takes easy to locate AAA batteries.
  • Easy to use on/off switch.


  • Switch can be hard to use if you have any type of gloves on.
  • The actual band can wear down quicker than the light after extended use.
  • The swivel capability of the light can be too sensitive for heavy runners.
  • Some users have complained that is a tad bit too heavy for their comfort.

Summary/Solution to Cons

This product from Energizer is a perfect blend of affordability and quality; it should last for quite a long time without wearing down and is not too expensive to replace. The four light features are plenty for any user’s preference with settings of a red LED light, a two bulb minimal use feature, a medium three bulb feature, and a four light powerful setting for the really dark night runs or chores. If you feel the need to wear a headlamp while running or walking the dogs late at night, this product should suit your needs without breaking the bank.

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