Looking For The Best Cheap LED Headlamps? Find Discounts And Reviews Here

Headlamps are a great accessory for a number of activities like hiking, camping, running and many more outdoor activities that need a handsfree light. Pricing for headlamps can range from under 10 dollars to well over 100 dollars. If you are planning a family camping trip or need something that’ll get the job done without breaking the bank, these headlamps are all viable options, with powerful LED lights and comfortable headstraps that can be worn for hours without fatigue. Any of these products are a great buy and you won’t regret buying one of these instead of those fancy $100+ headlamps.

Hossen LED Headlamp

Our top pick: This headlamp has all the option you would want in a product for any price. It has a bright LED light that lights up the path with up to 120 lumens and has four different brightness modes including a strobe feature which alerts people and cars around you of your whereabouts. It also has a red light feature and uses three AAA batteries. A very easy to use and affordable product by Hossen. View prices and more details here…

1-Krypton Bulb LED Headlamp

1-Krypton Bulb & 6-LED Adjustable Headlamp

Also great: This heavy duty headlamp has an over the top headstrap to add to your comfort and reliability. The headlamp itself has 6 LED lights and can illuminate a path of up to 100 feet in front of you. It has four modes and the headlamp itself is also adjustable and able to tilt, making it more useful than stationary headlamps. This product uses three AAA batteries with an overall lifespan of 100,000 hours. View prices and more details here…

Welltop Mini LED Headlamp

Also great: Very powerful for its size, this miniature headlamp can light up a path of up to 80 meters and has a brightness of 300 lumens. This product is waterproof and is very compact, making it a great item to bring on any camping or hiking trip as it won’t take up hardly any room at all in your belongings. It is extremely inexpensive and uses AAA batteries. This product uses both white and red CREE LED lights and is a great last minute item to bring on your next excursion. View prices and more details here…


Everyone has heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” However, for items like headlamps, if you are only planning on bringing it along for a specific camping trip or if you take occasional walks at night with the dog, spending over $100 is unnecessary. All of these headlamps project the same amount of lumens from the LED and all  have comfortable headstraps.

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