Looking For The Most Powerful Headlamps? Find Discounts And Reviews Here

If you have already purchased a headlamp for running at night, camping, hiking or simply walking your dog after dark and decided that it just isn’t powerful enough, then look no further as these three heavy duty headlamps all have powerful LED lights and project a high number of lumens.

LED Lenser – H7R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp

Our top pick: With a max of 300 lumens, this headlamp can project a focused beam of light up to 160 meters and is also water resistant. LED Lenser’s patented lamp has a reflector and a lens which when combined has a focused light for longer distances and also a flood light which can powerfully illuminate the area directly in front of you. It has eight light settings making it great and useful for a variety of everyday tasks. This truly is a top of the line headlamp. View prices and more details here…

Vitchelo LED Headlamp

Also great: A simple and functional headlamp by Vitchelo, this product can project light up to 110 meters. The headlamp is battery powered with a long lifespan of 120 hours and is put through rigorous waterproof testing. Although small, it is extremely durable and comfortable while being more affordable than other high end headlamps. This headlamp has two LED light settings of red and white and is easy to maneuver between settings. View prices and more details here…

 Magnus Innovation Headlamp

Also great: One of the most powerful headlamps you can find on the market, this item has a max of 570 lumens with up to 45 hours of battery life. It has a useful USB port for charging on the go and also comes with a lifetime warranty, something most headlamps do not offer. This product is made of top quality aluminum alloy and is water resistant. The Cree LED lights can project a super focused beam up to 440 feet. This incredibly well made product is long lasting and easy to use. View prices and more details here…


Another activity that people don’t normally think of when it comes to headlamps is fishing. Fishing at night or right before dawn requires the use of light and what better way to light up your area than a handsfree headlamp. These powerful headlamps can not only light up the area around you but their focused beams can illuminate the water and what’s beneath it.

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