Petzl E91 Tikkina 2 Headlamp Review

Petzl E91 Tikkina 2 Headlamp



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This headlamp comes with everything you would want in a headlamp for night activities including running, walking the dog, cycling, camping, or nightshift errands. This product by Petzl has two LED lights and can illuminate up to 23 meters of pathway in front of you, an adjustable headband that can accommodate just about any head size, and uses easy to find AAA batteries.

The Tikkina 2 has two light modes which they call “maximum” and “economic” to entertain whichever light you require (think high beam lights versus fog lights). Headlamps needn’t cost more than this Petzl headlamp as the Tikkina is reliable, strong, and affordable (usually around $20).


  • Perfect for the outdoors as it is lightweight and easily packed in your camping gear.
  • Bright blue headband is as flashy as the powerful LED lights
  • This reliable product is remarkably affordable and should last as long as more expensive competitors.
  • People have used the ingenuity to use this headlamp as a hands free reading light.
  • Does not use hard to find batteries or bulky recharging battery packs. Uses three AAA batteries to power the headlamp for hours.
  • The headlamp is adjustable.


  • The LED lights are not as bright as other headlamps but should be sufficient for your needs.
  • Only has two settings (maximum and economic), one of which is not a red LED which several other headlamps for runners have.
  • The headlamp can be heavy and irritating after extended use (a common problem for just about any headlamp).
  • The headlamp tilts down just fine but does not have that great of a range of motion upwards for tasks that might require use of light above the head.

Summary/Solution to Cons

This product is perfectly suitable for just about anyone who needs a hands free light device. It is affordable but also built to last. Users have rejoiced on the comfort of the headband and the simplicity and usefulness of the two LED light settings. You can very well spend two or three times more on a runner’s headlamp but the quality will only be marginally better. Spend the twenty bucks and be happy that you got a good product by Petzl.

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