Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp Review

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 This product from Princeton Tec is a mid range priced headlamp that has a light power of 100 Lumens and uses three AAA batteries that are included with the device. The design is minimalist and extremely easy to use and abuse. Like all headlamps for runners should be, this headlamp is water resistant, lightweight, and has easy to manage and adjust straps to comfortably fit your head.


  • The pushbutton is large and incredibly easy to push on and off in any weather condition. Easy to find and push while even wearing gloves during those frosty nights.
  • Has two easy and straightforward settings – high and low. The highbeams offer a wide range of visibility while the low settings offers a focused and bright light for those close to midrange tasks.
  • The batteries last a lifetime in this product. You can use the low setting for up to 200 hours and the high setting for up to 60 hours.
  • You can purchase the Remix Headlamp in different LED light settings such as green, red, or white.


  • Like a lot of headlamps for runners, the battery compartment is flimsy. Several users have complained about it breaking well before the headlamp wears down.
  • The big pushbutton can be easily turned on in your carrying case meaning the batteries die out faster.
  • Many users have praised the LED lights but some have complained about the overall construction of the headband as being cheaply made. This product is priced accordingly but if you value a longer lasting headlamp, a more expensive model might be the best option.

Conclusion/Solution to Cons

This product seamlessly combines affordability and function. The two different light settings are more than enough to satisfy any task you might have to complete at night and with a price usually around $30, this product is a no-brainer. With a long lasting battery life, water resistant headlamp and band, and powerful LED lights, this headlamp will remain with you for years. The only complaints about this top running headlamp are those associated with just about any headlamp like the battery compartment and the longevity but don’t let those complaints fool you, the Tec Remix Headlamp by Princeton is a great and durable good.

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