Streamlight 61400 Enduro Impact Resistant Headlamp Review

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One of the top selling headlamps on Amazon based almost solely on its price; this runner’s headlamp by Streamlight is fully capable of being a useful tool for night activities with its powerful and long lasting “super high flux” LED light that boasts 100,000 hours of use before finally wearing down.

This product uses easy to find AAA batteries and comes ready to go with the batteries included. Typically, this headlamp is under fifteen bucks and can handle those long, late night runs and errands that other more expensive headlamps can also accomplish. One notable attribute to this headlamp outside of its low price is the weight of the product. This durable headlamp weighs a scant 2.75 ounces even with the batteries in. The light can be used in two settings – high beam and low beam (25 percent of the high beam setting).


  • Price, price, and price again. Of all the headlamps priced under fifteen dollars, this definitely has the most bang for your buck. It is fairly long lasting, light weight, and comfortable.
  • Users have praised the LED light as being powerful and focused.
  • The complete headband fits securely and shouldn’t bounce around while running or walking.
  • Only uses 2 AAA batteries as opposed to 3 AAA batteries which most other headlamps require.
  • The low beam setting can be used for up to 24 hours without having to change the battery and the high beam setting can be used for up to six hours.


  • Only has two settings – high and low without a middle ground. The high beam is good for complete darkness and the low beam is useful for reading but leaves a wide middle ground of errands unfulfilled.
  • The battery case is difficult to use.
  • The device that holds the tilt of the light is flimsy and can break before other parts of the headlamp break.
  • Doesn’t have an “over the head strap” which some runners prefer.

Summary/Solution to Cons:

Overall, this runners headband should be able to fulfill all the needs that other, more expensive headlamp can do. This headlamp is nothing special as it comes with two settings, one headband, and uses AAA batteries but for the price, it is a wise purchase. Yes, there exist better headlamps for running or night activities but if you want something that works and won’t cost you two to three times as much, the Streamlight 61400 is a smart purchase.

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