Yalumi Spark LED Headlamp Review

Yalumi Spark LED Headlamp 

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This headlamp by Yalumi has all of the specs and high quality settings you would expect in a product that is three to four times as expensive. This moderately priced headlamp has an impressive 105-Lumen output and can run on its AAA batteries from 95 hours to 187 hours depending on the light setting.

The lamp itself is able to tilt, giving it a wide angle to illuminate the path in front of you. Water resistant with an easy to adjust headband, a seriously powerful LED light, and a crazy affordable price, the Yalumi Spark LED headlamp is a smart purchase.


  • Has all of the specs you would hope for in a runners headlamp – long lasting battery life, lightweight, powerful LED light, and water resistance.
  • Within a dollar or two of being the least expensive headlamp found online.
  • Uses easy to find AAA batteries.
  • Has a higher Lumen rating than most headlamps that cost over $50.
  • Aesthetically simple design.


  • The adjustable headband does not fit runners with larger sized heads.
  • The battery case and light switch aren’t incredibly durable.
  • Does not have the red LED light setting that most runners headlamps have.
  • Most users have claimed that it lasts quite a long time but for the cheap price, some have complained that it falls apart faster than other headlamps.

Conclusion/Solution to Cons

For the price, this just might be the best headlamp on the market. It has a higher Lumen rating than just about any other headlamp and between the two settings, it should be able to assist in any activity that requires a handsfree light. Runners headlamps usually cost between 30 and 60 dollars but this headlamp by Yalumi is consistently priced under $15 and will give you the same result as the more expensive items. The only drawbacks of this particular model of headlamp seems to be the lack of a red LED setting and an over the top cross headband. Other than those two complaints, users have praised this affordable product!

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